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Charter a Private Jet from Dallas/Fort Worth

Charter a Private Jet from Dallas

Travel on Your Terms

There comes a time when you know there’s a better way. Business Air™ is the better—and smarter—way to travel. You don’t have to settle for flying commercial when it demands so much time and brings far too many hassles.

Just think about how good it would feel to drive directly onto the tarmac, unload your luggage and board your own private jet.

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Fly via a Private Jet Charter

When booking a private jet charter with Business Air, you design trip details:

  • When you take off and when you return
  • Location(s) where you need to be
  • Number of passengers who will join you
  • And, the in-flight food and drink service you would like

Once we know your particulars, our team will do the rest and coordinate the perfect getaway for your family and friends—or the most efficient travel arrangements for business meetings or conferences. You can also check out our empty leg specials.


”Excellent company with the willingness and the ability to go the extra mile for customers. 1st class customer service every time!”

“Company knows what they're doing. Would highly recommend their charter flights.”

Private Air Charters – from Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, or San Antonio

Since 2001, we have given customers greater flexibility and time-savings with our charter flights from Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and San Antonio. All aircraft, from our King Airs to medium-sized Learjets (which are ideal for business jet charters), are fully equipped and wired with the latest technology and have earned an ARG/US Gold safety rating. Plus, our pilot standards ensure we have the most experienced and seasoned crews in the cockpit for your safety.