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TEXAS 800-383-5387

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OREGON 541-323-5494

Charter a Plane from Bend

Charter a Plane from Bend OR

Experience Greater Freedom

No longer do you have to settle for limited aviation options by living in Central Oregon. With Business Air™, you can conveniently charter a plane from the Redmond, Bend or Sunriver airports.

Enjoy all these advantages: on-demand booking, virtually hassle-free boarding and quicker time to your destination.

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Book a Private Plane Charter

Book a private plane charter with Business Air and call all the shots:

  • Schedule the timing that works best for you
  • Choose your destination(s)
  • Travel alone, invite colleagues or have family members  join you onboard
  • And, tell us even what in-flight service you prefer
  • You might want to also check out our empty leg specials
  • for immediate options.

”You folks do a really outstanding job and glad you're here.”

“Each trip goes according to plan. Thank you for your service.”

Flexible Business Jet Charters from RDM, BDN or S21

Since 2001, Business Air has helped customers save valuable time and have more convenience with our private plane charters. Why not eliminate all the hassles of commercial travel? With us, you don’t need to park your car, check in your luggage, stand in long security lines, or wait for boarding at the gate.

What’s more, you can feel safe and secure. Our fleet earned the ARG/US Gold safety rating, and our pilots are held to some of the most stringent training standards in the industry!