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TEXAS 940-898-8081

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Aircraft Management

Business Air provides premier aircraft management options for handling the compliance and operational needs of your aircraft.  We assist clients who operate entirely for their own purposes (Part 91) or who offset the cost of ownership by chartering their aircraft when not in use (Part 135). Whether you are interested in Part 91 or Part 135 operations, we have all the services necessary to support you and your aircraft centered around a culture of safety.   As an ARG/US Gold company with stringent Safety Management System (SMS) tools in place, you can be assured our safety practices translate to all aspects of managing your aircraft on the ground and in the air.  With decades of experience, we have the expertise required to provide:   

  • Complete travel logistics including:  24/7 flight scheduling, tracking and coordination, itinerary generation, catering, ground transportation, etc.
  • Flight Crews trained to the highest industry standards, including semi-annual FlightSafety International or CAE SimuFlight training
  • Complete aircraft maintenance management, designed to handle tracking and support for your aircraft including liaising with the FAA for all regulatory and compliance issues
  • Detailed monthly aircraft management statements and reports
  • Insurance discounts

If it is in your business plan and desire to pursue Part 135 operations, Business Air will partner with you to provide you with charter revenue opportunities that help offset the cost of aircraft ownership.  Our goal is to maximize the benefits of your aircraft investment in all facets of our relationship.


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Shared Aircraft Ownership

Business Air offers options to the frequent charter traveler by providing opportunities to share in jet ownership.

Business Air’s Jet Owners’ Program is for those wanting an alternative to the commitment of full aircraft ownership, and we are able to structure the jet share program to custom fit you or your company’s needs. In addition to co-owning a private aircraft at a fraction of the cost, you can immediately commence revenue sharing on charter income through flights booked on your aircraft, helping to offset your investment expense.

Finally, we take all the hassles of travel and aircraft ownership out of your hands, as Business Air manages all the operating details for you: scheduling, staffing, flight planning, maintenance, FAA compliance, catering, insurance, etc.